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Who WE are?

Updated: May 23, 2020

First and foremost we are a family unit, a soon-to-be husband and wife team (not so soon now due to COVID) getting to grips with the parenting of our ever changing yet amazing one year old daughter and our crazy five year old office dog Daisy.

Matt is originally from Kent; he’s a keen sportsmen (crazy about cricket) and has had a passion for architecture from a young age. He undertook his architectural education at the University of Portsmouth where after 8 years qualified as an Architect. He has benefitted from working at two successful practices and worked across a range of sectors and on a variety of projects of differing construction values. He is motivated and thorough like his mother yet practical and creative like his father. He takes inspiration from the surrounding context and through his keen eye for detail creates projects that are both aesthetically beautiful, meet clients' briefs and exceed expectations.

Catherine has spent most of her time in sunny Sussex however has also lived in Norfolk, China, not so sunny Teesside and Leicester. She has a passion for the environment, loves to surf and finds being a mother both hard work yet extremely fun and fulfilling. She carried out her undergraduate studies at Leicester School of Architecture and the first year of her masters in Architecture at Portsmouth University before welcoming our daughter into the world. She has also undertaken several years in a number of architecture practices which means her knowledge stretches from oak framing, to affordable housing to high end residential and beyond. Her mother is an artist and her father was a consultant engineer so architecture seemed to be a happy medium and also something she enjoys immensely. She is inspired by nature and whether designing in a traditional or contemporary style can achieve a real sense of home that fits the clients lifestyle and aspirations.

As a team we are flexible and can offer a full design package following the new RIBA plan of work. We keep up to date through CPD seminars, exploring new technologies and attending exhibitions. Having two minds on your project at all times means that we can offer you a personal, thorough and well-rounded service and help you maximise the full potential of your project.

Do get in touch with us to chat about your project!