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Rethinking your concept of home?

Design post covid-19

Has your home life been interesting recently? With new challenges arising from the COVID pandemic our homes have become our offices, schools, play spaces and kitchen gardens. This new found chaos however maybe helping us to question what we value in our homes and question how we live.

Trying to entertain the children and home school whilst carrying out all our normal daily jobs, we need more open plan space. Fighting for a quiet spot with our other half who’s also working 6ft away from us, we need more private space. Can’t concentrate because the flat above us are also on a business call with very poor signal and are having to shout, this building needs better soundproofing. Its all feeling too stuffy and dark, we need better ventilation and more natural light. Oh and maybe we should start growing our own as after waiting in an hour long queue at the shops we still left without the veggies needed for dinner tonight. Finally after all this time spent at home our energy bills are racking up and going to cost us a small fortune, we need our home to be more energy efficient.

Despite all these new challenges we’ve been blessed with no commutes, time to take the dog for long walks, seeing our children meet new milestones, spending time with loved ones doing our 12th jigsaw puzzle of the week and mastering how to grow our own tomatoes on the kitchen windowsill.

These blessings have encouraged us to think about what our homes mean to us and how important these spaces are. A nicely positioned window, a fun play space and a productive working environment can decide whether our day turns out to be a good or not so good one.

At Luckhurst Architecture we are here to help you make your home into a space that enables you to live the way you want and the way you need to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Let’s invest in our homes!

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